Certificate in Health Equity and Disparities

Students who complete the Certificate in Health Equity and Disparities will gain knowledge on health disparities and social determinants of health. They will develop the interdisciplinary skills needed to assess health disparities and address the impact of social determinants of health on clinical outcomes and population health.


The certificate will require minimum of 15 total credits, including three core courses and three additional elective courses. All electives will be reviewed and approved prior to registration to ensure relevance to the Certificate in Health Disparities and Equity. The certificate can be completed in one year. Exceptions can be made, and all course work must be successfully completed within five years from the start of the first course.

Core Courses

PHS 505Ethics in Population and Clinical Health (Spring 1 & 2)1
PHS 580Introduction to Health Disparities and the Structural and Social Determinants of Health (Fall 1 & 2)2
One of the following:
Introduction to Epidemiology (Fall 1)
Applied Qualitative Methods for Health Research (Fall 1 & 2)
Randomized Controlled Trials (Fall 1 & 2)
Dissemination and Implementation Science (Spring 1 & 2)

Elective Courses

SKILL 5504Introduction to System Dynamics for Advancing Equity1
PHS 501Introduction to Epidemiology (Fall 1)3
PHS 502Intermediate Epidemiology (Fall 2)3
PHS 511Introductory Biostatistics for Clinical Research (Fall 1)3
PHS 532Applied Qualitative Methods for Health Research (Fall 1 & 2)3
PHS 550Randomized Controlled Trials (Fall 1 & 2)3
PHS 559Dissemination and Implementation Science (Spring 1 & 2)3
PHS 560Principles of Shared Decision Making and Health Literacy in the Clinical Setting (Spring 1 & 2)3

Course Credit

All core courses must be taken for a letter grade. Elective courses may be taken pass/fail.

Who Can Apply

  • Medical school students and those in medical residency training
  • Students in a master’s or doctoral degree program at Washington University
  • Career-development awardees
  • No international applicants
  • No remote learning

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