Master of Population Health Sciences

The MD/MPHS provides medical students with an opportunity to supplement their clinical training and course work with a quantitative approach to population health science research. Students develop core skills in epidemiology and biostatistics, and these can be applied to research in any clinical field, from primary to specialty care. The program is intended for medical students who plan to incorporate clinical or population health research into their clinical careers, including clinical effectiveness and outcomes research. The program is not restricted to Washington University medical students; students from other medical schools are encouraged to apply. The program combines the traditional medical school curriculum with one additional year of full-time study for the MPHS degree. This added year is typically taken after the second or third year of medical school.


Program Format

The MPHS program is offered in a full-time, 10-month format. A minimum of 12 credit units is required for full-time student status, and the maximum course load is 18 credit units per semester. Part-time study options are available.

Core MPHS Courses

PHS 500Current Topics in Public Health (medical students only)1
PHS 501Introduction to Epidemiology3
PHS 502Intermediate Epidemiology3
PHS 505Ethics in Population and Clinical Health1
PHS 511Introductory Biostatistics for Clinical Research3
PHS 512Intermediate Biostatistics for Clinical Research3
PHS 520Introduction to R for Clinical Research1

Information about elective courses is available on the MPHS website.

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