Advanced Standing Transfers Policy for Medical Students


LCME Standard 10.7 calls upon accredited schools to ensure that any student accepted for transfer demonstrates characteristics comparable to the other students in the class that they will join. Further, the school must accept transfers into the final year only in rare and extraordinary circumstances. Washington University School of Medicine has historically offered a third-year advanced standing (transfer) program that conformed to the LCME standard. Curricular reform has led us to re-examine this policy.

Unlike the Legacy curriculum, which had a 2+2 structure that mapped readily onto other schools’ curricula, the Gateway Curriculum is both unique and integrated. A transfer student would not have an experience substantially equivalent to that of their classmates. Designing custom alternative programs for each transfer student would be impractical and contrary to the program’s philosophy. The Gateway Curriculum involves continuous benchmarking of progress against competencies and program objectives. A transfer student would not have this continuous benchmarking. It is therefore not possible to offer transfers into the Gateway Curriculum.


Washington University School of Medicine does not accept advanced standing (transfer) students from other medical schools.


It is not possible to transfer into the MD degree program at Washington University, either as an MD-only candidate or as an MD-PhD. This policy does not preclude Washington University medical students from transferring internally into the Medical Scientist Training Program.

Last approved on May 13, 2021

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