Policy on the Final Authority of the Committee on Admissions


LCME Element 10.2 requires that the "final responsibility for accepting medical students" rest with a formally constituted admission committee, with specified authority, composition, and rules of operation.


The Committee on Admissions (COA) has final authority for determining the acceptance of all candidates for the MD degree at Washington University School of Medicine. The COA is assembled by the Associate Dean for Admissions and is drawn from the faculty and staff of the School of Medicine, with the majority drawn from the full-time faculty.

Final decisions for the acceptance of an applicant during the regular season (prior to May 1) are made by the Steering Committee, a committee of the whole at which all COA members have seat, voice, and vote. Five voting COA members must be present at Steering, and the majority of voting members present must be members of the faculty for a quorum to be reached at Steering. After May 1, during the waitlist phase, final decisions are made by the Leadership Subcommittee on behalf of the COA.

The selection of individual medical students is not influenced by political or financial factors, in accordance with our policies on external factors and conflicts of interest.

The Policy on the Final Authority of the Committee on Admissions was last approved by the Academic Affairs Committee on Aug. 12, 2021. All substantive edits to this policy require approval by the Academic Affairs Committee.