Policy for Tuition Refund for the MD Program

—This policy applies to all MD students.—


Pursuant to LCME element 12.2, Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) is to have clear policies for the refund of a medical student’s tuition, fees, and other allowable payments.


A student who withdraws or takes a leave of absence from WUSM will receive a pro rata refund of tuition, other payments made for health benefits and disability insurance, and for other fees. For situations in which students elect to continue to receive student health benefits, they will not receive a refund for payments made for health benefits and disability insurance for the term in which they are enrolled. The refund will be based on the ratio of the number of weeks enrolled in the MD program (from the first day of classes to the termination date) to the total number of class weeks in the MD program in the term for which tuition and fees were paid. There is no point in the semester at which a student would have $0 refunded in tuition. It is understood that the date on which a student formally notifies the Registrar's Office in writing of the decision to withdraw or take a leave of absence from WUSM shall be regarded as the termination date, with no retroactive clause to be accepted. A prospective date will be accepted, however. If tuition and fees were paid entirely or in part by financial aid from WUSM, the refund will be applied first to the total repayment of the accounts from which financial aid was drawn, with any remaining refund balance given to the student. Financial aid received in excess of the costs of tuition and fees must be refunded by the student to WUSM on the same pro rata basis as calculated for the tuition refund outlined elsewhere, per "Return of Title IV" federal guidelines. Any questions about these policies may be directed to either the Registrar's Office or Student Financial Planning.


Any student who withdraws or takes a leave of absence must formally notify the Registrar’s Office in writing.

Last approved on July 11, 2022

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