Students participating in internships that contribute to their academic or professional development may earn credit for those internships. Registration in an internship for credit is conditional upon the satisfactory completion of the Internship Learning Agreement form provided by the College Office and the approval of this completed form by the College Office, the faculty sponsor, and the internship sponsor.

Credit awarded for an internship corresponds to the time spent in work activities. The student is expected to work 45 hours of internship experience over a period of six to eight weeks for each unit of credit. Registration for 1 to 3 units of credit is possible.

Students may complete the work for an internship over the summer and receive credit during the subsequent semester. Any internship completed this way must satisfy all requirements stated here. The learning agreement must be submitted and approved prior to the student beginning work at the internship site. Therefore, credit cannot be awarded retroactively.

Internship courses are offered for credit/no credit grades only and, therefore, count toward the maximum of 24 credit/no credit units that may be applied toward graduation requirements. Internships do not count toward the advanced unit requirement and may count toward the major only with departmental approval. Students may not receive more than 3 units of internship credit in any semester and may count no more than 6 units of internship credit toward the 120 units required for graduation. (These regulations, along with all others governing the AB degree, are detailed on the Arts & Sciences Academic Regulations page.)

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