Special Major and Special Minor

On some occasions, a student's interests may fall in the intersection of two or more formally organized major programs, in which case a student may propose a special major that brings the related course work together. Students who propose a special major should be prepared to undertake honors-level work as all special majors must complete a capstone project of 3 to 6 units during the senior year.

Students interested in creating a special major or minor must confer with the dean charged with coordinating this program. Email college@wustl.edu or call 314-935-6800 to get in contact with the appropriate dean.

After consultation, students must submit a formal proposal to the appropriate dean. The proposal must include the following: (1) a description of the program of study, including an explanation of the program's integrating idea; (2) a list of courses to be taken; (3) a letter of support from the proposed academic advisor; and (4) a letter of support from a faculty member in a second, related department who has approved the proposal.

A proposal for a special major or minor must be submitted no later than the fifth semester of undergraduate enrollment. The Committee on the Special Major and Minor is responsible for final action on these proposals.

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