Applied Linguistics

The minor in Applied Linguistics emphasizes language acquisition and language use in foreign and second-language settings. Applied Linguistics is concerned with increasing the understanding of the role of language in human affairs and thereby with providing the knowledge necessary for those who are responsible for making language-related decisions, whether the need arises in the workplace, the courtroom, the classroom, or the laboratory. Students learn to evaluate theory and research in different areas of the field, including second-language studies and sociolinguistics. Required introductory courses provide the necessary foundation for advanced classes. Courses at all levels include the critical analysis of different theories, conceptual models, and research methodologies. Students of Applied Linguistics may engage in international or domestic studies that involve independent research projects with faculty members from Law, Business, Anthropology, Global Studies, Education and Engineering. 

Specifically, the minor in Applied Linguistics at Washington University meets the increasing domestic and international demand for second- and foreign-language specialists. This minor — in combination with a major in Global Studies, language (e.g., Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Swahili, German, Japanese), Anthropology, Philosophy–Neuroscience–Psychology (PNP), Psychological & Brain Sciences, or Educational Studies — helps students qualify for positions that may involve linguistically and culturally diverse learners in the United States and around the world. The minor is also suitable for students who wish to pursue graduate studies or advanced degrees in Law, Business, Medicine, Engineering, Applied Linguistics, Global Studies, Psychological & Brain Sciences, Education, and more.   

The Applied Linguistics minor is an independent minor administered by Global Studies.

Contact:Cindy Brantmeier