Global Studies

Students in Global Studies develop a broad understanding of the world while exploring the diversity and richness of other cultures. The complex relationship between globalization and local differences is a hallmark of the contemporary era. Globalization increases the movement of people, goods, capital, technology, and ideas throughout the globe. At the same time, strong attachments to local languages, cultures, and societies remain. Global Studies students seek to understand globalization and the relationship between the global and the local.

The Global Studies major is unique, emphasizing the interdisciplinary study of the cultural, economic, ecological, historical, social, and political processes that contribute to interdependence or globalization. Global Studies courses span the humanities and social sciences, and they encourage both contemporary and historical points of view. In addition, Global Studies challenges students to master a modern language and to understand the cultural contexts in which the language is spoken. It encourages the exploration of contemporary foreign affairs through speakers, conferences, and faculty panels, and it provides an introduction to international careers. Global Studies also provides robust support for foreign study and independent research. Through this approach, students explore the effect of global and local factors on historical events, current affairs, and public policy. They develop analytical skills, cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity, proficiency in another language, and overall abilities to be productive and ethical global citizens. 

There are six concentrations available to Global Studies majors: (1) Global Studies with a concentration in development; (2) Global Studies with a concentration in Eurasian studies; (3) Global Studies with a concentration in European studies; (4) Global Studies with a concentration in global Asias; (5) Global Studies with a concentration in global cultural studies; and (6) Global Studies with a concentration in international affairs.

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