Linguistics Major

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 30 units, at least 24 of which must be from courses at the 300 level or higher

Required Courses

Ling 170DIntroduction to Linguistics3
Ling 309Syntactic Analysis3
Ling 311Introduction to Semantics3
Ling 312Phonetics3
Ling 313Phonological Analysis3
Ling 317Introduction to Computational Linguistics3
Total Units18

Elective Courses

Students select 12 units from the courses listed below. At least 9 units must be at the 300 level or higher. At most, 6 units may be drawn from Ling 499 Independent Work For Senior Honors, Ling 500 Independent Study, and cross-listed courses that are not home-based in the Linguistics program.

Ling 148First-Year Seminar: The Linguistics of Constructed Languages3
Ling 225DLatin and Greek in Current English3
Ling 258Methods in Linguistic Research3
Ling 263Linguistics for Legal Purposes3
Ling 315Morphology3
Ling 320Historical and Comparative Linguistics3
Ling 339Introduction to Sociolinguistics3
Ling 340Linguistic Pragmatics3
Ling 341Linguistic Diversity in the United States3
Psych 358Language Acquisition3
Ling 396Linguistics Seminar3
Ling 396WLinguistics Seminar: Writing Intensive3
Ling 408Psychology of Language3
Ling 427Computation and Learnability in Linguistic Theory3
Ling 466Second-Language Acquisition3
Ling 495Senior Seminar in Linguistics3
Ling 499Independent Work For Senior Honors3-6
Ling 500Independent Study6

Under certain circumstances, students may count a limited number of relevant courses not listed here toward their major. Such circumstances include study abroad and preparation for a specialized capstone. A specific plan of study must be worked out with the director of the Linguistics program in advance of the courses being taken.

Language Requirement

Majors should normally have foreign language competency equivalent to one year of study at the college level. Classes taken to fulfill this requirement do not normally count toward the 30 total units required for the major.

Additional Information


Primary majors must complete a capstone project. The capstone project is normally done during the senior year while taking Ling 320 Historical and Comparative Linguistics, Ling 495 Senior Seminar in Linguistics, Ling 499 Independent Work For Senior Honors, or Ling 500 Independent Study. Students wishing to count Ling 500 Independent Study for their capstone need to have their independent studies approved in advance by the director of the Linguistics program.

Senior Honors

Students with a university grade point average of 3.65 or higher and a linguistics GPA of 3.65 or higher at the end of their junior year may apply to enter the honors program by submitting a proposal for a senior thesis. If admitted into the program, the student registers for 3 units of Ling 499 Independent Work For Senior Honors during each semester of their senior year. The student must complete the thesis and pass an oral defense by the middle of March of their senior year.

Contact Info

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