Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Major, Health Specialization

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 27

WGSS majors may choose an optional specialization within the major called Health if the students' interests lie primarily within this area of WGSS. Students enrolled in the Health specialization must complete the WGSS major using the approved courses in each required category below. Only 6 units may be taken at the 100 or 200 level. In addition, 6 units must be taken at the 400 level. One of the 400-level courses can be double-counted for one other category. For example, one class may count toward the 400-level class and it may fulfill the theory requirement.

Required Courses

  • Introduction (3 credits); this course is required for all majors:
WGSS 100BIntroduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies3
  • Theory (3 credits); students select one of the following:
WGSS 3203Bodies Out of Bounds: Feminist and Queer Disability Studies3
WGSS 3563Queering the History of Health3
  • History (3 credits); students select one of the following:
WGSS 3041Making Sex and Gender: Understanding the History of the Body3
WGSS 310From Hysteria to Hysterectomy: Women's Health Care in America3
WGSS 3141The Racial and Sexual Politics of Public Health3
WGSS 414Gender, Religion, Medicine and Science3
  • Race or Non-U.S. Course (3 credits); students select one of the following:
WGSS 3141The Racial and Sexual Politics of Public Health3
WGSS 3201Gender, Culture and Madness3
WGSS 389The Global History of HIV/AIDS3
WGSS 402Transnational Reproductive Health Issues: Meanings, Technologies, Practices3
WGSS 4134The AIDS Epidemic: Inequalities, Ethnography, and Ethics3
  • Required Health Elective (3 credits); students select one of the following:
WGSS 316Feminist Health Studies3
WGSS 360Trans Studies3
WGSS 393Gender Violence3
  • Methods (3 credits); students select one of the following:
WGSS 417WFeminist Research Methodologies3
WGSS 444
Sex and Gender in Public
and Sex and Gender in Public (These are 1.5-credit courses that meet once a week during both semesters of the senior year and that will result in a capstone project exploring gender and/or sexuality and politics broadly conceived.)
WGSS 3942Community-Engaged Learning: Projects in Domestic Violence4
WGSS 3174Community Engaged Learning: Feminist and Queer Community Praxis4

Elective Courses

  • Students select 9 units of any WGSS courses as electives.

Additional Information

Pass/No Pass credits do not count toward the major, even if they are WGSS internships. For a course to count for major credit, the student must earn a C- or better; however, the College of Arts and Sciences will only grant credit for a writing intensive course if the student earns at least a C+.

We strongly encourage and support students who wish to study abroad. Therefore, we accept up to 9 credits from study abroad (3 of those credits could fulfill the historical context or ethnic/global/racial requirement). Please contact Amy Cislo, WGSS Study Abroad Faculty Advisor, about this option.
Current students who wish to take courses at other universities during the summer may transfer up to 6 credit units. However, these credits cannot be used to fulfill the introductory course or the theory or methods/service-learning requirements.
Students transferring to Washington University who wish to complete the major in WGSS may transfer no more than 9 credits of course work taken elsewhere.

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