Art History and Archaeology Minor

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 18

The Department of Art History & Archaeology welcomes students who wish to pursue a minor in Art History & Archaeology. Students who choose the minor must complete two courses at the introductory level and four courses at the advanced level. These courses may not be taken with the Pass/Fail grading option. Students must earn a grade of C- or better in all courses.

Introductory Courses

All minors must take two courses from a menu of Introductory Courses at the 100 and 200 levels. These courses are recommended foundations for upper-level lecture courses and seminars. The courses may be taken at any time and in any order. First-Year Seminars and Sophomore Seminars can be counted among these two introductory courses.* No specific course is mandatory for students in Arts & Sciences.**

  • Art-Arch 113 History of Western Art, Architecture & Design*** and Art-Arch 215 Introduction to Modern Art, Architecture and Design will be offered every fall and spring, respectively.
  • Art-Arch 111 Introduction to Asian Art, Art-Arch 232 Myths and Monuments of Antiquity, or Art-Arch 236 Cities and Towns of the Ancient World will be offered at least once every other year.
  • This list will be augmented by a rotation of 100-level First-Year Seminars and 200-level Sophomore Seminars (currently in development) as well as other 200-level courses with broad regional, temporal, or topical coverage.*

Students will be allowed to count only one First-Year Seminar or one Sophomore Seminar toward this requirement.


Art-Arch 113 History of Western Art, Architecture & Design and Art-Arch 215 Introduction to Modern Art, Architecture and Design are mandatory only for students in the Sam Fox School.


A score of 4 or 5 on the AP Art History exam may be substituted for Art-Arch 113. To receive this college credit, the score must appear on the student's Washington University student record, and the student must also earn at least a B in a related upper-division departmental course.

Upper-Level Courses

Minors must take at least four upper-level (300- or 400-level) Art History & Archaeology courses (12 credits); 200-level courses may not substitute for upper-level courses and so do not count toward distribution requirements. At least one upper-level course must be taken in two of the following seven broad areas:

  • Ancient and Medieval (AM)
  • Renaissance and Baroque (RB)
  • Modern European and American (MEA)
  • Non-Western (NW)
  • Architecture (A)
  • Archaeology (ARC)
  • Cross-Cultural Exchange (CCE)

Additional Information

  • Students may opt to take a seminar at the 400 level, but it should build upon a 300-level course in a related field. Alternatively, students should complete the proper prerequisites or have the permission of the instructor. In cases of over-enrollment in seminars, priority will be given to majors over minors, including majors who have been waitlisted.  
  • Courses in other departments (including courses in the Sam Fox School) do not count toward the minor unless they are cross-listed as Art History & Archaeology courses at the 300 level or above.
  • At least two of the 300-level courses must be completed in residence at Washington University.
  • Any course taken outside the university, including study abroad courses, must receive preliminary approval from the study abroad advisor or as appropriate. Only one class (three credits) may be transferred from approved study abroad programs.
  • No internship credit may be applied to the minor. (Internship credits do count toward graduation, however.)

Contact Info

Contact:Brad Parton