Bioinformatics Minor

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 23-24 units

Mindful of the emerging opportunities at the interface of biology and computer science, the Department of Biology and the Department of Computer Science & Engineering have fashioned the minor in bioinformatics.

Core Courses

Biol 2960Principles of Biology I4
Biol 2970Principles of Biology II4
CSE 131Introduction to Computer Science3
CSE 247Data Structures and Algorithms3
ESE 326Probability and Statistics for Engineering3
or SDS 2200 Elementary Probability and Statistics
or SDS 3200 Elementary to Intermediate Statistics and Data Analysis
or SDS 3211 Statistics for Data Science I
or DAT 120
DAT 121
Managerial Statistics I
and Managerial Statistics II
Total Units17

Advanced Biology Elective

Choose one of the following:

Biol 3492Laboratory Experiments with Eukaryotic Microbes3
Biol 3493Bacterial Bioprospecting and Biotechnology3
Biol 4181Population Genetics3
Biol 4220Practical Bioinformatics4
Biol 4342Research Explorations in Genomics4
Biol 437Laboratory on DNA Manipulation4
Biol 4525Structural Bioinformatics of Proteins (Writing Intensive)4

Computer Science & Engineering Elective

Choose one of the following:

CSE 514AData Mining3
CSE 584AAlgorithms for Biosequence Comparison3
or Biol 5504 Algorithms for Biosequence Comparison
CSE 587AAlgorithms for Computational Biology3

Additional Information

It is anticipated that, for certain students, some portion of the introductory sequence will overlap with the courses required for the major and that these courses will be applicable to both the major and the minor. Upper-level courses used to fulfill the minor requirements may not be used to fulfill the requirements of another major or minor in Arts & Sciences.

Arts & Sciences students should declare the minor within Arts & Sciences. They will be assigned an advisor in Biology. Per Arts & Sciences policy, students with a major in the Department of Biology are not eligible to declare this minor. Per Arts & Sciences policy, Arts & Sciences students must complete 9 units of upper-level course work toward the minor. 

McKelvey, Olin, and Sam Fox students should declare the minor within the McKelvey School of Engineering. They will be assigned an advisor in Computer Science & Engineering.  

A minimum grade of C- is required for all courses to count toward the minor. Students may apply no more than one course taken outside of Washington University toward the minor requirements. Courses earned through Washington University–approved study abroad programs are considered to be resident units and may count toward this minor where applicable with no limit. 

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