Biology Minor

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 32 (18 units of biology and 14 units of chemistry)

Required Courses

Biol 2960Principles of Biology I4
Biol 2970Principles of Biology II4
Chem 111AGeneral Chemistry I3
or Chem 105 Principles of General Chemistry I
Chem 112AGeneral Chemistry II3
or Chem 106 Principles of General Chemistry II
Chem 151General Chemistry Laboratory I2
Chem 152General Chemistry Laboratory II2
Chem 261Organic Chemistry I with Lab4
Total Units22

Elective Courses

The minor requires 10 advanced units in biology selected from the following:

Biol 3010Biotechnology Project3
Biol 3057Physiological Control Systems3
Biol 3100R Workshop in Biology1
Biol 3110Vertebrate Structure Laboratory4
Biol 3151Endocrinology3
Biol 3220Woody Plants of Missouri3
Biol 3221Research and Public Education in the Arboretum3
Biol 324Human Genetics3
Biol 328Principles in Human Physiology4
Biol 334Cell Biology3
Biol 3411Principles of the Nervous System3
Biol 3421Introduction to Neuroethology3
Biol 3422Genes, Brains, and Behavior3
Biol 3423Behavioral Genetics Laboratory3
Biol 347Darwin and Evolutionary Controversies3
Biol 3481Parasitology3
Biol 349Microbiology4
Biol 3491Microbiology Laboratory3
Biol 3492Laboratory Experiments with Eukaryotic Microbes3
Biol 3493Bacterial Bioprospecting and Biotechnology3
Biol 3494Microbes and the Environment4
Biol 3501Evolution4
Biol 354Physics of Living Systems3
Biol 360Biophysics Laboratory3
Biol 370Animal Behavior3
Biol 381Introduction to Ecology3
Biol 4023How Plants Work: Physiology, Growth, and Metabolism3
Biol 4030Biological Clocks3
Biol 404Laboratory of Neurophysiology4
Biol 4071Developmental Biology3
Biol 4072Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology3
Biol 4181Population Genetics3
Biol 4182Macroevolution3
Biol 4183Molecular Evolution3
Biol 419Community Ecology3
Biol 4193Experimental Ecology Laboratory4
Biol 4195Disease Ecology4
Biol 4220Practical Bioinformatics4
Biol 424Immunology4
Biol 4242Virology3
Biol 4270Problem Based Learning in Biomedical Sciences3
Biol 4271The Science of Cats3
Biol 4310Biology of Aging3
Biol 4342Research Explorations in Genomics4
Biol 434WResearch Explorations in Genomics (Writing-Intensive)4
Biol 4344Epigenetics3
Biol 4381Cell-Based Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine3
Biol 4492Infectious Diseases: History, Pathology, and Prevention3
Biol 451General Biochemistry4
Biol 4522Laboratory in Protein Analysis, Proteomics, and Protein Structure3
Biol 4523Molecular Methods in Enzyme Analysis4
Biol 4525Structural Bioinformatics of Proteins (Writing Intensive)4
Biol 4540Physics of Living Systems3
Biol 4580Principles of Human Anatomy and Development3
Biol 4715Basic Cancer Biology3
Biol 4716Advanced Cancer Biology3
Biol 472Behavioral Ecology4
Biol 4810General Biochemistry I3
Biol 4820General Biochemistry II3
Biol 4833Protein Biochemistry3

Additional Information

All courses used for the biology minor must be taken for a letter grade. A grade of C- or better must be earned in all of these courses. A student may not receive credit for both Biol 370 and Biol 472 or for both Biol 4342 and Biol 434W

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