Biomedical Physics Minor

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 17-19

This minor is for students interested in the discussion and application of methods and techniques from physics to topics in the areas of biology and medicine. The program may be of interest to the pre-medicine student or the research-oriented science major. 

Required courses: Minors in biomedical physics are required to complete a series of introductory courses.

They may take either:

Physics 191Physics I3
Physics 191LPhysics I Laboratory1
Physics 192Physics II3
Physics 192LPhysics II Laboratory1


Physics 193Focused Physics I4
Physics 193LFocused Physics I Laboratory1
Physics 194Focused Physics II4
Physics 194LPhysics II Laboratory1

Elective courses: Minors must take two of the following five courses:

Physics 350Physics of the Brain3
Physics 354Physics of Living Systems3
Physics 355Physics of Vision3
Physics 453Topics in Theoretical Biophysics3
Physics 481Critical Analysis of Scientific Data3

They must also take one of the following four laboratory courses:

Physics 316Optics and Wave Physics Laboratory3
Physics 321Electronics Laboratory3
Physics 322Physical Measurement Laboratory3
Physics 360Biophysics Laboratory3

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