Children’s Studies Minor

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 16

Required Courses

ChSt 300Interdisciplinary Introduction to Children's Studies3
ChSt 499Senior Seminar in Children's Studies1
Total Units4

Core Courses

Students choose 6 units from the following list:

ChSt 301CThe American School3
ChSt 313BEducation, Childhood, Adolescence and Society3
ChSt 318Topics in American Literature (when taught as "The Cultural History of the American Teenager")3
ChSt 321Developmental Psychology3
ChSt 325Psychology of Adolescence3
ChSt 334A History of the Golden Age of Children's Literature3

Note: The children's studies minor will allow minors to substitute one elective course in children's studies for one core course that the student has taken but needs to count toward a different major or minor (e.g., ChSt 321 Developmental Psychology for a Psychological & Brain Sciences major). The number of independent credits required for the children's studies minor remains the same, but minors in this situation have more choices for those 3 credits. 

Two core courses must come from two different home departments. Both ChSt 301C The American School and ChSt 313B Education, Childhood, Adolescence and Society are Education courses; ChSt 318 Topics in American Literature and ChSt 334 A History of the Golden Age of Children's Literature are English courses; and ChSt 321 Developmental Psychology and ChSt 325 Psychology of Adolescence are Psychological & Brain Sciences courses.

Additional Courses

Students choose 6 additional units from either the core list or from elective courses, including but not limited to the following:

ARCH 316FRe-Discover the Child3
ChSt 178First-Year Seminar: Imagining and Creating Africa: Youth, Culture, and Change3
ChSt 251Juvenile Justice in the Black Experience3
ChSt 304Educational Psychology3
ChSt 3140Sociolinguistics, Literacies, Schools, and Communities3
ChSt 316WTopics in American Literature: Girls' Fiction3
ChSt 3221Girls' Media and Popular Culture3
ChSt 3270Comics, Graphic Novels, and Sequential Art3
ChSt 331Topics in Holocaust Studies: Children in the Shadow of the Swastika3
ChSt 341Children and Childhood in World Religions3
ChSt 342Childhood, Culture, and Religion in Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean World3
ChSt 354No Boys Allowed: Girlhood and Programming for Girls in the 19th and 20th Centuries, United States3
ChSt 3620Anthropological Perspectives on the Fetus3
ChSt 381Banned Books3
ChSt 400Independent Work in Children's Studiesmax. 3
ChSt 4036Children of Immigrants: Identity and Acculturation3
ChSt 4280History of Urban Schooling in the United States3
ChSt 4289Neighborhoods, Schools, and Social Inequality3
ChSt 453BSociology of Education3
ChSt 4608The Education of Black Children and Youth in the United States3
ChSt 461BConstruction and Experience of Black Adolescence3
ChSt 481WHistory of Education in the United States3
ChSt 408Education and Psychology of Exceptional Children3

Additional Information

The most up-to-date list of approved electives is located on the Children's Studies Minor website. Courses not on that list may be used to fulfill the requirements of the minor only if they have been approved by the minor director. Students must receive a C- or above in order for credit to count towards the minor. 

A maximum of 3 units of course work completed at another university, whether in the United States or abroad, may be applied toward the children's studies minor. Credit will be awarded only for those courses that have been approved by the minor's director and study abroad advisor.

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