Dance Minor

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 17 units

Required Courses

Studio-Based/Technique Courses: 9 units

At least 6 of these units must be at the 300 level or above. Students must select from the following list:

Dance 221Fundamentals of Classical Ballet2
Dance 222Fundamentals of Classical Ballet2
Dance 321Classical Ballet: Intermediate I2
Dance 3221Classical Ballet: Intermediate II2
Dance 3224Intermediate Pointe Technique1
Dance 415High Intermediate Ballet I2
Dance 416High Intermediate Ballet II2
Dance 4281Classical Ballet III2
Dance 4291Classical Ballet IV2
Dance 106EIntroduction to Dance as a Contemporary Art Form2
Dance 201ETheory and Technique of Modern Dance I2
Dance 202Theory and Technique of Modern Dance II2
Dance 240Afro-Modern Dance (Dunham Technique)2
Dance 301Theory and Technique of Modern Dance III2
Dance 3021Theory and Technique of Modern Dance IV2
Dance 3101Dance Improvisation: Spontaneous Composition & Performance Techniques2
Dance 311Modern Dance and the African-American Legacy2
Dance 401Theory and Technique of Modern Dance V2
Dance 4021Theory and Technique of Modern Dance VI2
Dance 413Modern Dance and the African American Legacy II2
Dance 297Fundamentals of Jazz Dance2
Dance 300Jazz Dance II2
Dance 403Jazz III2
West African
Dance 343West African Music and Dance in Context2

Composition Course: 3 units

Dance 203Composition I3

History/Theory Course: 3 units

Students must select from the following list:

Dance 316Histories of Theatrical and Concert Dance3
Dance 331Movement and Meaning: Dance in a Global Context3
Dance 340Ballet as Ethnic Dance and Classical Art3
Dance 342Critical Thinking in Western Theatrical Dance: Questioning Meets Creative Thinking and Collaboration3
Dance 363The Neuroscience of Movement: You Think, So You Can Dance?3
Dance 426Performing the Political in American Dance3
Dance 430Dance Pedagogy2
Dance 433Performing Gender and Sexuality in America3

Elective Course

Students must complete 2 units of an elective course. Any additional history/theory course or studio-based/technique course at the 300 level or above may be used to fulfill this requirement.

Additional Information

  • Students must earn a grade of C- or better in all required and elective dance courses in order for them to apply toward minor requirements.
  • A maximum of 3 credits earned outside of Arts & Sciences at Washington University (e.g., through transfer credit or study abroad) may be applied to the dance minor, with permission from the Dance Overseas Programs Advisor.

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