Geospatial Science Minor

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 19

Requirements for All Minors

Students pursuing any Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences minor must complete the following course:

EEPS 202Introduction to Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Science3

Students must complete all of the requirements listed above for all minors as well as the following:

Required Courses

Students must complete the following two courses:

EEPS 387Geospatial Science4
EnSt 380Applications in GIS3

Disciplinary Electives

Students select three of the following courses:

Anthro 4803Advanced GIS Modeling and Landscape Analysis3
CSE 217AIntroduction to Data Science *3
CSE 314AData Manipulation and Management *3
CSE 417TIntroduction to Machine Learning *3
EEPS 407Remote Sensing3
EEPS 468Geospatial Field Methods3
EnSt 481Advanced GIS3
EnSt 482Applications in Geospatial Intelligence3
EnSt 483Introduction to Spatial Epidemiology3
ESE 417Introduction to Machine Learning and Pattern Classification *3

Previous or concurrent enrollment in CSE 131 Introduction to Computer Science is recommended.

Additional Information

  • A grade of C- (C for summer field camp) is the minimum acceptable performance for each unit of credit for each required course, including those in mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Courses with grades of D may fulfill the College's 120 total hours requirement, but they do not meet the departmental requirements. A grade of C- is also the minimum acceptable performance for each unit of credit for any course required as a prerequisite to enrolling in advanced or sequential courses.
  • Credits to be transferred from another institution must have prior approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the relevant Arts & Sciences department.
  • Students may transfer up to three credits (or one course, whichever is greater) of advanced coursework (course numbers 300 or above) toward the completion of a minor in the Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences. This policy includes credit earned for courses taken while studying abroad or studying at another US institution. Credits earned through the completion of an approved field camp do not count toward this limit.

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