Medical Humanities Minor

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 18

Required Courses

First-year courses include the following:

MedH 130The Art of Medicine3
MedH 151First-Year Seminar: Stories of Medicine3

An additional 15 units of Medical Humanities courses are required to complete the minor: At least 12 of these units must be core courses, designated by the "CFH MH" attribute, whereas the remaining 3 credits may come from either the core or affiliate lists shown below. At least 9 units of core courses must be at the 300 level or above. Core courses include the gateway courses as well as the following:

MedH 214Medical French3
MedH 248Religion, Health, and Wellness in Modern America3
MedH 3001Philosophy of Medicine3
MedH 301RHistorical Methods - European History (when offered as "The Black Death and the Plague in Europe")3
MedH 3033Religion and Healing3
MedH 3041Making Sex and Gender: Understanding the History of the Body3
MedH 3044Humors, Pox, and Plague: Medieval and Early Modern Medicine3
MedH 3067Current Topics in the History of Medicine3
MedH 307Writing and Medicine3
MedH 310From Hysteria to Hysterectomy: Women's Health Care in America3
MedH 3141The Racial and Sexual Politics of Public Health3
MedH 316Gender and Health3
MedH 353Medical Spanish3
MedH 360Trans Studies3
MedH 366Art and the Mind-Brain3
MedH 3672Medicine, Healing and Experimentation in the Contours of Black History3
MedH 3801Ancient Greek and Roman Medicine3
MedH 385What is Medical Humanities?3
MedH 391WLiterature and Medicine3
MedH 399Independent Work in Medical Humanities-3
MedH 233FBiomedical Ethics3
MedH 130The Art of Medicine3
MedH 1640Health and Disease in World History3
MedH 408Disease, Madness, and Death Italian Style3
Anthro 4134The AIDS Epidemic: Inequalities, Ethnography, and Ethics3
MedH 414Gender, Religion, Medicine, and Science3
MedH 420Nature, Technology, and Medicine in Korea3
MedH 4601Historical Racial Violence: Legacies & Reckonings3
MedH 4647Ancient Madness3
MedH 468Topics in French Literature: Disability Studies, Before "Disability"3
MedH 4700Ancient Greek and Roman Gynecology (Ancient Greek and Roman Gynecology)3
MedH 471Galen's "On Prognosis": A Social History of Medicine in Second-Century Rome3
MedH 474Frankenstein: Origins and Afterlives3
MedH 4881Advanced Seminar: Mad: Mental Illness, Power and Resistance in Africa and the Caribbean3
MedH 4885Advanced Seminar: Medicine, Disease, and Empire3
MedH 491Staging Illness3
MedH 4990Advanced Seminar: History of the Body3
MedH 495PNP Seminar (when offered as "Mental Health & Mental Illness: Philosophical Questions")3

Core courses are recommended to take at least two of seven different disciplinary categories: Classics & Art History; History; Languages/Literature/Culture; Medicine, Race and Ethnicity; Performing Arts & Music; Philosophy & Religious Studies; and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. (The interdisciplinary "What is Medical Humanities?" course [MedH 385] may count toward any of these disciplinary categories.) Core courses may require additional prerequisites within their home departments or programs.

Up to 3 units of affiliate courses from complementary disciplines in the natural sciences and social sciences discipline (designated by the "CFH MHA" attribute) may be applied to the minor. These courses include but are not limited to the following:

Anthro 3201Gender, Culture, and Madness3
Anthro 3283Introduction to Global Health3
Anthro 3310Health, Healing and Ethics: Introduction to Medical Anthropology3
Anthro 3620Anthropological Perspectives on the Fetus3
Anthro 3625The Female Life-Cycle in Cross-Cultural Perspective3
Anthro 3626Adventures in Nosology: The Nature and Meaning of Disease3
Anthro 4033Culture, Illness, and Healing in Asia3
LatAm 325Cultures of Health in Latin America3
Psych 399Living, Dying, and Death: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Understanding the End of Life3
SOC 2510Sociological Approaches to American Health Care3
SOC 2520Inequality By Design: Understanding Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities3
SOC 4511Sick Society: Social Determinants of Health and Health Disparities in the United States3

Any additional affiliate courses must be approved by the minor director.

Additional Information

While our core courses and affiliate courses are generally listed under the L85 MedH designation, the most up-to-date list of recent medical humanities courses and medical humanities affiliate courses can be found by searching Washington University Course Listings for the "CFH MH" and "CFH MHA" attributes or by consulting the course requirements online.

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