Psychological & Brain Sciences Minor

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 15

For those students who have a broad or general interest in Psychological & Brain Sciences (P&BS), we recommend taking several courses from the five core areas of psychology: Social/Personality; Mental Health/Affective; Biological/Neurological Bases of Behavior; Behavior and Cognition; and Lifespan Development.

For those students who want to focus in a more specific area, courses can reflect the area of interest. For example, a student interested in the helping professions or counseling may wish to select from such courses as Psych 353 Psychology of PersonalityPsych 354 Psychopathology and Mental HealthPsych 361 Psychology of Learning, and Psych 321 Developmental Psychology. A student wishing to focus on experimental psychology/neuroscientific bases of behavior may select from such courses as Psych 3401 Biological PsychologyPsych 361 Psychology of LearningPsych 330 Sensation and PerceptionPsych 360 Cognitive Psychology, and Psych 3604 Cognitive Neuroscience and may also consider doing independent study (Psych 333).

Required Course

Psych 100BIntroduction to Psychology3

Elective Courses

Four additional courses (i.e., a minimum of 12 units of additional course work) in P&BS, all of which must be at the 300 level or above

Additional Information

Students may receive exemption from the Psych 100B Introduction to Psychology requirement only if they have an AP psychology score of 5, an IB score of 6 or 7, or a British A-Level grade of A. For exemption, no credit will be given; therefore, five applicable courses must be completed.

No more than 3 units of an approved cross-listed course originating outside of P&BS, an approved psychology course taken in the School of Continuing & Professional Studies, an approved psychology course taken at another institution (including transfer from a study abroad program), or an independent study-type course (e.g., Psych 333) may count toward the minor.

Transfer Credit

If accepted by the College of Arts & Sciences, transfer credits will be evaluated by the director of undergraduate studies in the P&BS department for their applicability toward the minor in P&BS. Transfer students must complete at least 9 advanced units of home-based P&BS courses at Washington University.

Contact Info

Contact:Shelley Kohlman