Sociology Minor

Program Requirements

Total units required: 15 

Required Courses

To earn the minor in Sociology, students must complete the following course work:

  • Introductory requirement (3 credits): One 100- or 200-level Sociology course
  • Theory requirement (3 credits): Either SOC 3001 Social Theory or SOC 3002 Black Feminist Theory
  • Methods requirement (3 credits): Either SOC 3030 Introduction to Research Methods or SOC 3050 Statistics for Sociology
  • Additional upper-level sociology electives (6 credits): Any two 300- or 400- level Sociology courses

Courses taken Pass/Fail and courses in which a student earns less than a C- do not fulfill minor requirements. Upper-level courses taken to fulfill Theory or Methods requirements cannot be used toward upper-level elective credit. 

Additional Information

In very exceptional cases, students may request a course outside of Sociology to count toward their program requirements. Please contact the Academic Coordinator and the Director of Undergraduate Studies for additional information about course substitutions. 

Students interested in teaching, research, or leaderships opportunities within the department should contact the Academic Coordinator.

Minors may apply up to 3 credits of study abroad course work approved through Washington University or approved transfer credits from another U.S. institution. The Department of Sociology hosts numerous study abroad opportunities, and the list of opportunities is always growing and changing; the most up-to-date information can be found on the Department of Sociology website. Students who wish to apply study abroad credits or transfer credits to their program requirements should contact the Academic Coordinator and the Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

Contact Info

Contact:Kaitlyne A. Motl