Spanish Minor

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 18

The Spanish minor requires the completion of 18 units, 12 of which must be taken in residence. Study at Washington University’s own programs in Spain or Chile is considered “in residence.” Students must complete courses with a grade of B- or better and maintain a B average or better overall in Spanish. Courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis do not count toward the Spanish minor.

Required Courses

Cultures and Communications in the Spanish-Speaking World (6 units)

  • Span 302 Cultures and Communication in the Spanish-Speaking World (Heritage speakers of Spanish must be certified by the director of undergraduate studies and enroll in Span 3021 Language and Culture for Heritage Speakers of Spanish.)
  • Span 303 Cultures and Communication in the Spanish-Speaking World II

Spanish 303 is a prerequisite or corequisite for all 300-level literature and culture courses in Spanish. 

Three “Debating Cultures” and/or “Researching Cultures” Courses (9 units)

One or two “Debating Cultures” courses (3-6 units):

  • Courses designated as Spanish 32xx
  • Study abroad options:*
Span 322Advanced Conversation in Spain3
Span 3341Literatura Espanola3
Span 3361Spanish-American Literature II in Chile/Spain3
Span 350Topics in Spanish Literature3
Span 354A View from the Southern Cone: Perspectives on Art, Literature and Culture3

One literature course taken in the Chile or Spain semester abroad program offered by Romance Languages and Literatures, designated as an acceptable substitute, may be used as one of the 32xx-level courses.

One or two “Researching Cultures” courses (3-6 units):

  • Courses designated as Spanish 36xx 
  • Study abroad options:*
Span 311Hispanic Culture and Civilization I3
Span 313Chilean Contemporary Culture3
Span 3181Spanish Culture and Civilization3

32xx and 36xx designations indicate sequential levels. Once a student takes a course at one level, they may not take a course at the previous level. 

One 400-Level Seminar (3 units)

Span 405WMajor Seminar3
Span 410Major Seminar3
  • Other 400-level courses taught in Spanish, including the following linguistics courses: 
Span 411Spanish Grammar and Syntax3
Span 417Spanish Phonetics, Phonology, and Dialectology3
  • The prerequisite for 400-level courses is the completion of at least one "Researching Cultures" course.

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