Translation Studies Minor

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 15

Required Courses

Required course:
Comp Lit 394Worldwide Translation: Language, Culture, Technology3
Plus three of the following:
Comp Lit 211World Literature3
Comp Lit 351A World of Words3
IPH 310An Intellectual History of Sex and Gender: Text & Traditions3
IPH 3123Introduction to Digital Humanities3
IPH 320An Intellectual History of Race and Ethnicity: Text & Traditions3

Additional Courses

In addition to the four required courses listed above, students must take the following:

  • A 400-/4000-level Translation practicum (3 units)
  • A course in Translation Studies (3 units)

Additional Requirements

Translation Studies minors are also expected to complete three sequenced courses of at least 3 units each in a single foreign language. (Note that this sequence of courses will also satisfy the Arts & Sciences Language and Cultural Diversity [LCD] requirement.)

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