Writing Minor

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 15 units

Required Courses

Students must take one of the following courses: 

Writing 311Exposition3
Writing 312Argumentation3

Elective Courses

Students must complete 12 additional units, at least 6 of which must be at the 300 level or higher. 

Additional Information

With department approval, up to 6 units of journalism courses in writing or editing offered by the School of Continuing & Professional Studies can be counted toward the minor. An off-campus internship (Writing 298 Journalism: Communications Internship) oriented toward writing may also be counted toward the minor. Regardless of level, at least 9 units counted toward the minor must be completed in regular courses home-based in writing.

For undergraduate scholars in the Howard Nemerov Program, two semesters of the 200-level Nemerov seminar (GeSt 211 Howard Nemerov Seminar I) may count as 3 units of 200-level work toward the writing minor. Two semesters of the 300-level Nemerov seminar may count as 3 units of 300-level work toward the writing minor. A maximum of 6 Howard Nemerov units may count toward the writing minor.

Students who wish to take a writing minor in addition to an English major are advised to take English and American literature courses (L14 E Lit) exclusively for the major and writing courses (L13) exclusively for the minor. (Please note: 100-level L13 classes do not normally count toward the writing minor.) Students who wish to combine writing with their English major are encouraged to consider an English major with a concentration in creative writing.

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