Political Science

The Department of Political Science offers undergraduates the opportunity to study all aspects of politics using cutting-edge technical and theoretical tools. Our courses are animated by long-standing problems related to the use of power, its rightful exercise by governments and individual actors, and the institutions that affect how that power is exercised. Reflecting the breadth of the discipline, we offer a range of classes, including courses on elections and electoral politics; international political economy; justice and the state; and comparative analyses of political institutions across states.

A major in political science thus exposes students to the primary themes of the discipline: American politics, comparative politics, international politics, judicial politics, political methodology and political theory. A major in political science can prepare students well for professional training and advanced study in law, business, education, journalism, policy analysis, political science, public administration, social work and urban planning. Political science graduates enter careers in business; federal, state and local government; the media; and nonprofit organizations.

Because political science is a broad discipline, students often choose to combine the major with such related fields as African and African-American studies; American culture studies; anthropology; economics; environmental policy; history; international studies; Jewish, Islamic, and Middle Eastern studies; Latin American studies; philosophy; psychology; and women, gender, and sexuality studies.

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