Public Health & Society

Public health is a critical field of research and practice around the world, including in undergraduate education. Public health scholarship emphasizes protecting and improving the population health of communities — locally, nationally, and around the globe. The Public Health & Society program is a well-integrated interdisciplinary program with enriched and amplified connections between public health and foundational and theoretical issues in humanistic, biological, ecological, sociocultural, and historical perspectives on health and society. Students will learn to read critically, communicate effectively, and think broadly about the complexities of public health and its social contexts in the past, present, and future. The program emphasizes ethical training in public health science, highlighting the social determinants of health, particularly the development of a foundational understanding of how issues of equity, inclusion, and diversity influence health outcomes.

All core program courses will be co-taught by Arts & Sciences faculty alongside Public Health faculty. Students will gain access to and experience from people working across diverse communities and will blend theory and research with relevant practice.


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Contact:Kirsten Jacobsen