A&S Integration: Study Away Programs

This page documents programs currently designed and approved to fill Arts & Sciences integration requirements.

The Program in Chile (HUM, LCD)

The Washington University Program in Chile offers students an exciting opportunity to study at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) in Santiago. Students further their Spanish fluency by studying the language as a representation of the dynamic and concrete realities of the national regional culture of Santiago, augmenting their classroom study with activities in the city. They also explore contemporary issues of cultural, social, political, and literary importance related to the "Southern Cone," seeking to determine what specifically can be expressed about national identity, globalization, and the environment as Chile and its neighbors face the 21st century.

Offered Spring, Fall, Academic Year

Two courses are required:

Span 313Chilean Contemporary Culture3
Span 354A View from the Southern Cone: Perspectives on Art, Literature and Culture3

WU Healthcare in France (HUM, LCD)

The WU Healthcare in France program offers students a transformative opportunity to directly engage with the French healthcare system, enhance their French language skills, and deepen their cultural understanding in a fully immersive environment. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Nice and France's Mediterranean coast, this five-week program combines real-life experience in French hospitals with a profound exploration of health and human well-being in course work.

Offered Summer only

Two courses are required:

French 3193Healthcare in France: Observational Internship3
French 3720The Art of Health in Nice3

Music in Florence Summer Program @ Accademia Europea di Firenze (HUM)

The Summer Music Study in Florence Program engages students in the musical arts as composers, improvisers, singers, instrumentalists, and lyricists. Courses, lessons, and ensembles in the program divisions of chamber music, jazz, musical theatre, popular music, film music, and composition/new music are made available to students of all levels. In addition, weekly master classes are offered from visiting artists with translation by William Lenihan (Professor the Practice in the Department of Music), combining cultural immersion in the City of the Renaissance and professional performing opportunities along with regular lectures, on-site classes, field trips, and ensembles.

Offered Summer only

Two courses are required:

Music 2231Musicianship I1
Music 3091Jazz Improvisation I3
or Music 3238 Towards a New Music

WU French and African Studies Summer Program in Senegal (HUM, LCD)

The summer program to Senegal, West Africa, is designed for students who want to build their conversational French language skills, learn more about Francophone West Africa, and experiment with field research. Dakar, Senegal, provides the perfect opportunity to explore themes in African and Francophone studies because of its geographical space and unique history. Geographically, Dakar naturally opens itself to the wider world, as reflected in its history, its role in the former French empire, its religious landscape, and its current relationships with other countries. Senegal, very proud of its place as an intellectual center, is the epicenter of many artistic and cultural movements. Dakar is a stable, cosmopolitan, and culturally rich capital city.

Offered Summer only

Two courses are required:

Students must take the following course:

AFAS 369Senegal: History, Politics and Culture3

Students must take one of the following:

French 313Conversational Fluency3
AFAS 1040Intensive Introductory Wolof3

WU Spanish Language Summer Institute (HUM, LCD)

This is a dynamic, intensive program in Spanish language and culture offering full immersion for approximately 6 weeks in Madrid and other areas of Spain. It is designed to accelerate the language acquisition process of intermediate students in Spanish and to introduce them to the experience of life in this modern European country with its very unique history and traditions.

Offered Summer only

Two courses are required:

Span 311Hispanic Culture and Civilization I3
Span 322Advanced Conversation in Spain3

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