Bachelor of Science in Computer Science + Economics

The College of Arts & Sciences and McKelvey School of Engineering developed a new major that allows students interested in both economics and computer science to combine these two complementary disciplines efficiently, without having to pursue them as two separate majors.

Course Requirements

Math 131Calculus I (AP credit may satisfy this requirement)3
Math 132Calculus II (AP credit may satisfy this requirement)3
Math 2200Elementary Probability and Statistics *3
or Math 3200 Elementary to Intermediate Statistics and Data Analysis
or ESE 326 Probability and Statistics for Engineering
Math 233Calculus III1-3
or Econ 493 Mathematical Economics
CSE 131Introduction to Computer Science3
CSE 247Data Structures and Algorithms3
CSE 347Analysis of Algorithms3
Econ 1011Introduction to Microeconomics (AP credit may satisfy this requirement)3
Econ 1021Introduction to Macroeconomics (AP credit may satisfy this requirement)3
Econ 4011Intermediate Microeconomic Theory3
Econ 413Introduction to Econometrics3
or Econ 413W Introduction to Econometrics with Writing
Total Units31-33


Six upper-level approved courses from the Department of Economics and Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) are required: three from Economics and three from CSE. Students who satisfied the Econ 1011 and/or Econ 1021 requirements with AP credits can instead take electives in either department and add at most one course from outside of both departments. A list of these elective courses can be found on the CSE department webpage.