Bachelor of Science in Computer Science + Mathematics

The McKelvey School of Engineering and the College of Arts & Sciences developed a new major that efficiently captures the intersection of the complementary studies of computer science and math.

McKelvey Engineering students who declare this major must fulfill the core course requirements listed below and all other requirements for the Applied Science degree in the McKelvey School of Engineering. They must also complete Engr 310 Technical Writing and 8 units of courses designated as NSM (Natural Sciences & Math) from Anthropology (L48 Anthro), Biology and Biomedical Sciences (L41 Biol), Chemisty (L07 Chem), Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences (L19 EPSc), Physics (L31 Physics) or Environmental Studies (L82 EnSt).

Arts & Sciences students who declare this major must fulfill the distribution requirements and all other requirements for an AB degree in addition to the specific requirements listed below.

Core Course Requirements*

CSE 131Introduction to Computer Science3
CSE 247Data Structures and Algorithms3
Math 131Calculus I (AP credit may satisfy this requirement)3
Math 132Calculus II (AP credit may satisfy this requirement)3
Math 233Calculus III3
Math 310Foundations for Higher Mathematics3
or Math 310W Foundations for Higher Mathematics with Writing
or CSE 240 Logic and Discrete Mathematics
Math 309Matrix Algebra3
Math 3200Elementary to Intermediate Statistics and Data Analysis3
or ESE 326 Probability and Statistics for Engineering
or Math 3211 Statistics for Data Science I
CSE 347Analysis of Algorithms3
Total Units27

Each of these core courses must be passed with a C- or better.


Eight upper-level courses from Math or Computer Science & Engineering can be chosen from the approved list, with the following caveats:

  • At least three courses must be taken from CSE and at least three course must be taken from Math.
  • Up to two preapproved courses from outside both departments can be selected.
  • CSE 400 Independent Study or CSE 400E Independent Study may be taken for a maximum of 3 units and must be approved by a CS+Math review committee.
  • Students may count either Math 456 or ESE 427 as an elective toward the major, but not both. Likewise, students may count either CSE 417T or ESE 417 as an elective toward the major, but not both.

List of Approved Electives

Computer Science & Engineering

CSE 217AIntroduction to Data Science3
CSE 341TParallel and Sequential Algorithms3
CSE 411AAI and Society3
CSE 412AIntroduction to Artificial Intelligence3
CSE 416AAnalysis of Network Data3
CSE 417TIntroduction to Machine Learning3
CSE 427SCloud Computing with Big Data Applications3
CSE 442TIntroduction to Cryptography3
CSE 447TIntroduction to Formal Languages and Automata3
CSE 457AIntroduction to Visualization3
CSE 468TIntroduction to Quantum Computing3
CSE 513TTheory of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning3
CSE 514AData Mining3
CSE 515TBayesian Methods in Machine Learning3
CSE 516AMulti-Agent Systems3
CSE 517AMachine Learning3
CSE 518AHuman-in-the-Loop Computation3
CSE 533TCoding and Information Theory for Data Science3
CSE 534ALarge-Scale Optimization for Data Science3
CSE 541TAdvanced Algorithms3
CSE 543TAlgorithms for Nonlinear Optimization3
CSE 544TSpecial Topics in Computer Science Theory3
CSE 546TComputational Geometry3
CSE 554AGeometric Computing for Biomedicine3
CSE 555TAdversarial AI3
CSE 559AComputer Vision3
CSE 581TApproximation Algorithms3
CSE 584AAlgorithms for Biosequence Comparison3
CSE 587AAlgorithms for Computational Biology3

Mathematics and Statistics

Math 350Topics in Applied Mathematics3
Math 370Introduction to Combinatorics3
Math 371Graph Theory3
Math 407An Introduction to Differential Geometry3
Math 4111Introduction to Analysis3
Math 4121Introduction to Lebesgue Integration3
Math 4171Topology I3
Math 420Experimental Design3
Math 429Linear Algebra3
Math 430Modern Algebra3
Math 434Survival Analysis3
Math 4351Number Theory and Cryptography3
Math 439Linear Statistical Models3
Math 444The Mathematics of Quantum Theory3
Math 449Numerical Applied Mathematics3
Math 450Topics in Applied Mathematics3
Math 456Topics in Financial Mathematics3
Math 459Bayesian Statistics3
Math 460Multivariate Statistical Analysis3
Math 4601 Statistical Learning3
Math 461Time Series Analysis3
Math 462Mathematical Foundations of Big Data3
Math 470 Analytic Combinatorics3
Math 475Statistical Computation3
Math 493Probability3
Math 494Mathematical Statistics3
Math 495Stochastic Processes3

Electrical & Systems Engineering

ESE 4031Optimization for Engineered Planning, Decisions and Operations3
ESE 415Optimization3
ESE 417Introduction to Machine Learning and Pattern Classification3
ESE 427Financial Mathematics3
ESE 429Basic Principles of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information3
ESE 520Probability and Stochastic Processes3


Econ 4151Applied Econometrics3
Econ 467Game Theory3


Ling 317Introduction to Computational Linguistics3
Ling 427Computation and Learnability in Linguistic Theory3

Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Biol 5657Biological Neural Computation3

Biomedical Engineering

BME 470Mathematics of Imaging Science3

Additional Departmental Requirements

Engr 310Technical Writing3
One themed writing course from the College Writing Program3
Humanities and social sciences electives18
Natural sciences electives8

The College Writing Program, humanities, and social sciences requirements are those required of all students in the McKelvey School of Engineering. For information about how to fulfill the school's English proficiency requirement, please visit the Degree Requirements page.

The natural sciences requirement is for 8 units designated NSM (Natural Sciences and Mathematics) from any of the following departments: Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Environmental Studies or Physics. The College Writing Program and natural sciences courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better.

All courses taken to meet any of the above requirements (with the exception of the humanities and social sciences electives) cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis.

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