The Second Major in Computer Science + Mathematics

The McKelvey School of Engineering and the College of Arts & Sciences have developed a new second major that efficiently captures the intersection of the complementary studies of computer science and math.

  • Core Requirements:
Math 131Calculus I3
Math 132Calculus II3
CSE 131Introduction to Computer Science3
Math 233Calculus III3
Math 310Foundations for Higher Mathematics3
or Math 310W Foundations for Higher Mathematics with Writing
or CSE 240 Logic and Discrete Mathematics
CSE 247Data Structures and Algorithms3
Math 309Matrix Algebra3
Math 3200Elementary to Intermediate Statistics and Data Analysis3
or ESE 326 Probability and Statistics for Engineering
CSE 347Analysis of Algorithms3
Total Units27
  • Electives: 

Eight upper-level courses from Math or CSE can be chosen from an approved list, with the following caveats:

  1. No fewer than three courses can be chosen from each department.
  2. Up to two preapproved courses from outside both departments can be selected.