The Minor in Electrical Engineering

This minor consists of fundamental courses in core electrical engineering areas of devices and circuits, applied physics, and signals and systems. Elective choices allow further depth in advanced devices, optics, signal processing, and control systems or greater breadth within electrical engineering.

Units required: 16

Required courses:

ESE 230Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits4
ESE 330Engineering Electromagnetics Principles3
ESE 351Signals and Systems3
Total Units10

Electives: Students must select 6 units of electrical engineering elective courses from the following list:

ESE 232Introduction to Electronic Circuits3
ESE 260Introduction to Digital Logic and Computer Design3
ESE 2971Introduction to Research in ESE2
ESE 3301 through ESE 362
ESE 400Independent Studymax. 3
ESE 405Reliability and Quality Control3
ESE 415Optimization3
ESE 425Random Processes and Kalman Filtering3
ESE 429 through ESE 499; ESE 513 through ESE 589

For more information, contact the director for the minor, Chuan Wang.

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