the student experience

Through the pioneering Master of Public Health (MPH) program at the Brown School at Washington University, students gain the knowledge and skills to tackle some of society's most pressing health challenges — recognizing that complex problems require multifaceted solutions.

Our program, accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health, is distinguished by its unique classes and course packages, outstanding research opportunities, and real-world learning experiences.


Brown School MPH Curriculum

Our two-year, 52-credit-hour degree, accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health, provides students with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to take leadership in the field of public health.

Our innovative curriculum includes outstanding research opportunities, real-world learning experiences through practicum, and unique classes and course packages.

This curriculum was designed to be different. We are relentlessly focused on understanding problems and creating solutions. We transcend the boundaries of academic disciplines, teaching students to think broadly about complex public health issues.

Learn more about our distinctive approach on our MPH website.

Required Courses

The list below includes the required courses to build a student's course of study. Because of the variety of specializations offered with the MPH degree at the Brown School, the order in which students take their courses may vary.

Foundations of Public Health (15 credit hours)
MPH 5001Foundations of Public Health: Health Behavior and Health Promotion3
MPH 5002Foundations of Public Health: Epidemiology3
MPH 5003Foundations of Public Health: Biostatistics3
MPH 5004Foundations of Public Health: Health Administration and Policy3
MPH 5005Foundations of Public Health: Environmental Health3
Research Methods (9 credit hours)
MPH 5000Research Methods3
MPH 5230Applied Linear Modeling3
MPH 5240Planning, Implementation, & Evaluation Evidence-Based Programs & Interventions3
Cross-Cutting Themes (1 credit hour)
MPH 5010Cross-Cutting Themes in Public Health1
Public Health Seminar (2 credit hours)
MPH 5910Public Health Seminar I1
MPH 5920Public Health Seminar II1
Practicum (3 credit hours)
MPH 5701Practicum-MPH Program 3
Transdiciplinary Problem Solving in Public Health (6 credit hours)
Students choose two, 3-credit hour TPS courses to meet this requirement, which span a variety of topics. 6
Electives/Specialization (11 credit hours)*
Elective I 3
Elective II 3
Elective III 3
Elective IV 2
Skill Labs (3 credit hours)
Skill Lab I 1
Skill Lab II 1
Skill Lab III 1
Culminating Experience (2 credit hours)
MPH 5905Culminating Experience - CACE Prep Course1
MPH 5906Culminating Experience - CACE Exam1
Total Units52

*Students use elective credits in year one and two to earn a specialization or take other graduate course work. They can choose from a wealth of public health and social work electives, including up to two additional Skill Labs, or pursue relevant courses from other Washington University graduate programs.

Curriculum and required credit hours are subject to change.