Curriculum Designators

The designators shown below are used in Washington University's course descriptions and listed here alphabetically by code. The primary fields covered in each section are also listed.

A (Architecture)

Code Name
A46 ARCH Architecture
A48 LAND Landscape Architecture
A49 MUD Urban Design
AS1 MedSoc Medicine and Society
AS2 PCS Process Control Systems
AS3 UMSLEN UMSL Joint Engineering Program

B (Business)

Code Name
B50 ACCT Accounting
B51 ADMN Administration
B52 FIN Finance
B53 MGT Management
B54 MEC Managerial Economics
B55 MKT Marketing
B56 OB Organizational Behavior
B57 SCOT Supply Chain, Operations, and Technology
B59 DAT Data Analytics
B60 ACCT Graduate Accounting
B62 FIN Graduate Finance
B63 MGT Graduate Management
B64 MEC Graduate Managerial Economics
B65 MKT Graduate Marketing
B66 OB Graduate Organizational Behavior
B67 SCOT Graduate Supply Chain, Operations, and Technology
B69 DAT Graduate Data Analytics
B90 BEE Brookings Executive Education
B99 INTL International Studies

E (Engineering)

Code Name
E35 ESE Electrical & Systems Engineering
E37 MEMS Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
E44 EECE Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering
E60 Engr General Engineering
E62 BME Biomedical Engineering
E81 CSE Computer Science & Engineering
EGS EGS Engineering Graduate Studies

F (Art)

Code Name
F00 Art Art
F10 ART Art (Core and Major Studio Courses)
F20 ART Art (Elective Studio Courses)

I (Interdisciplinary Programs)

Code Name
I02 MAIR Military Aerospace Science
I25 MILS Military Science
I50 INTER D Interdisciplinary Studies
I52 IMSE Institute of Materials Science & Engineering
I53 DCDS Division of Computational and Data Sciences
I60 BEYOND Beyond Boundaries

L (Arts & Sciences)

Code Name
L01 Art-Arch Art History and Archaeology
L04 Chinese Chinese
L05 Japan Japanese
L07 Chem Chemistry
L08 Classics Classics
L09 Greek Greek
L10 Latin Latin
L11 Econ Economics
L12 Educ Education
L13 Writing Writing
L14 E Lit English Literature
L15 Drama Drama
L16 Comp Lit Comparative Literature
L18 URST Urban Studies
L19 EEPS Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences
L21 German Germanic Languages and Literatures
L22 History History
L23 Re St Religious Studies
L24 Math Mathematics and Statistics
L27 Music Music
L28 P.E. Physical Education
L29 Dance Dance
L30 Phil Philosophy
L31 Physics Physics
L32 Pol Sci Political Science
L33 Psych Psychological & Brain Sciences
L34 French French
L36 Ital Italian
L37 Portug Portuguese
L38 Span Spanish
L39 Russ Russian
L40 SOC Sociology
L41 Biol Biology and Biomedical Sciences
L43 GeSt General Studies
L44 Ling Linguistics
L45 LatAm Latin American Studies
L46 AAS Asian American Studies
L48 Anthro Anthropology
L49 Arab Arabic
L51 Korean Korean
L52 ARC Archaeology
L53 Film Film and Media Studies
L56 CFH Center for the Humanities
L57 RelPol Center on Religion and Politics
L59 CWP College Writing Program
L61 FYP First-Year Programs
L62 Praxis Praxis
L63 IPMS Movement Science
L64 PNP Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology
L66 ChSt Children's Studies
L73 Hindi Hindi
L74 HBRW Hebrew
L75 JIMES Jewish, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies
L77 WGSS Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
L81 EALC East Asian Languages & Cultures
L82 EnSt Environmental Studies
L84 Lw St Legal Studies
L85 MedH Medical Humanities
L86 PBPM Study Biological & Physical Sciences for PBPM
L89 Sphr Speech and Hearing
L90 AFAS African and African-American Studies
L92 APL Applied Linguistics
L93 IPH Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities
L97 GS Global Studies
L98 AMCS American Culture Studies
L99 OSP Overseas Programs
LGS GSAS The Graduate School

M (Medicine)

Code Name
M01 OT Occupational Therapy Program
M02 PhysTher Physical Therapy Program-Grad
M04 FYSelect First-Year Selectives
M05 Neurosci Neuroscience
M10 Anesth Anesthesiology
M15 Biochem Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
M17 CLNV Clinical Investigation
M18 BMI Biomedical Informatics
M19 PHS Population Health Sciences
M20 Genetics Genetics
M21 MSB Biostatistics and Genetic Epidemiology
M25 Medicine Internal Medicine
M26 FamMed Family Medicine
M27 EMED Emergency Medicine
M30 MolMB Molecular Microbiology
M35 Neurol Neurology
M40 NeurSurg Neurological Surgery
M45 ObGyn Obstetrics and Gynecology
M50 Ophth Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
M55 Oto Otolaryngology
M60 Path Pathology
M65 Peds Pediatrics
M70 MolBio/Pha Molecular Biology and Pharmacology
M75 CellBio Cell Biology and Physiology
M80 Interdis Interdisciplinary
M81 Gateway Gateway Curriculum
M85 Psych Psychiatry
M88 AHBR Applied Health Behavior Research
M89 PACS Audiology and Communication Sciences
M90 Radiol Radiology
M91 MedPhys Medical Physics
M92 RadOnc Radiation Oncology
M93 NrsSci Nursing Science
M95 Surgery Surgery
M96 Ortho Orthopedic Surgery
M99 Ind Stdy Independent Study

S (Social Work and Public Health)

Code Name
S15 SWCR MSW Foundation
S20 SWHS Theory, Problems & Issues
S30 SWDP Practice Methods
S31 SWDP Practice Methods
S40 SWSP Social Policy
S48 SWSP Social Policy
S50 SWSA Practice Methods
S55 MPH Master of Public Health (MPH)
S60 SWCD Practice Methods
S65 SWCD Practice Methods
S70 SWPR MSW Practicum
S81 SKILL Skill Labs
S90 SWDT Brown PhD
S91 PSTM Post-Master Certificate

T (Engineering - Joint Program & Sever Institute)

Code Name
T11 JCS Joint Introduction to Computing
T54 PRJM Project Management
T55 ETEM Engineering Management
T64 CNST Construction Management
T71 HLTHCARE Health Care Operations
T81 INFO Information Management
T83 CYBER Cybersecurity Management
T92 HCO Health Care Operations (Online)
T93 CSM Cybersecurity Management (Online)
T95 EMGT Engineering Management (Online)

U (School of Continuing & Professional Studies)

Code Name
U02 Classics Classics
U03 GS General Studies
U05 Chem Chemistry
U07 Econ Economics
U08 Educ Education
U09 Psych Psychological & Brain Sciences (Psychology)
U10 ArtArch Art History and Archaeology
U11 EComp English Composition
U12 Fr French
U13 EPSc Earth and Planetary Sciences
U14 German Germanic Languages and Literatures
U15 ELP English Language Programs
U16 Hist History
U18 Film Film and Media Studies
U19 SUST Sustainability
U20 Math Mathematics and Statistics
U21 Drama Drama
U22 Phil Philosophy
U23 Phys Physics
U24 Mus Music
U25 PolSci Political Science
U26 Port Portuguese
U27 Span Spanish
U29 Bio Biology
U30 Spch Speech
U31 Dance Dance and Somatic Movement Studies
U32 CompLit Comparative Literature
U35 Arab Arabic
U36 Japan Japanese
U37 Hebr Hebrew
U38 Chinese Chinese
U39 Russ Russian
U40 Ital Italian
U43 IS International Studies
U44 Bus Business
U47 IRISH Irish Studies
U48 Comm Communications
U49 JRN Journalism
U51 KOREAN Korean
U56 ISLA Integrated Studies in Liberal Arts
U65 ELit English and American Literature
U66 RelSt Religious Studies
U67 LAS Latin American Studies
U68 SOC Sociology
U69 Anthro Anthropology
U71 DATA Data Studies
U73 Hindi Hindi
U74 Sci Science
U76 NPM Nonprofit Management
U78 EAsia East Asian Studies
U79 Art Art
U80 CRM Clinical Research Management
U82 CIM Computers and Information Management
U84 AFAS African and African-American Studies
U85 IA International Affairs
U86 HCARE Health Care
U87 HRM Human Resources Management
U89 AMCS American Culture Studies
U90 GIS Geographic Information Systems
U91 Ling Linguistics
U92 WGSS Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
U93 Scan Scandinavian
U94 JME Jewish, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies
U96 DLA DLA Seminars
U98 MLA MLA Seminars

W (Law)

Code Name
W74 LAW Law

X (Design & Visual Arts)

Code Name
X10 XCORE Design & Visual Arts - Core
X20 XELEC Design & Visual Arts - Elective

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