Bulletin Policies

Changes to the Bulletin

Every effort is made to ensure that the information, policies and other materials presented in the Bulletin are accurate and correct as of the date of publication. For more information about the content review process for the Bulletin, please visit the Catalog Editions page.  

The Bulletin for the upcoming academic year is published annually on July 1, and certain post-publication changes may be made until October 1. To view a list of changes that have taken place after the July 1 publication date, please visit the Program & Policy Updates page.

Washington University reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice. Therefore, the electronic version of the Bulletin and the policies set forth therein may change from time to time without notice. The governing document at any given time is the then-current version of the Bulletin, as published online, and then-currently applicable policies and information are those contained in that Bulletin.

Discontinued Programs

Periodically, Washington University schools will change their program offerings. If a program is no longer accepting applicants, we will note this in the Bulletin, and soon after the program will be removed from the Bulletin. Students who are actively enrolled in these programs will be held to the requirements and policies published in the Bulletin from their year of matriculation. If a student has not been continuously enrolled in such a program and now wishes to inquire whether a discontinued program can still be completed, they should contact the relevant department or school to determine whether this opportunity is available.

Year of Matriculation

Students who attend Washington University are held to the policies in place as published in the Bulletin during their year of matriculation. For more information, please visit the Catalog Editions page.

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