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The courses and policies listed in this Bulletin are subject to change at any time through normal approval channels within Washington University. New courses, changes to existing course work and new policies are initiated by the appropriate institutional departments, committees or administrators. Academic policy revisions are generally implemented in the next academic year following notification thereof. Washington University publishes a new edition of the Bulletin each July, and its contents apply to the subsequent fall, spring, and summer terms. Occasionally a policy or requirement must be changed and implemented during the same academic year (e.g., in the case of relevant external requirements such as state regulations). All changes must be approved by college or school personnel who oversee academic curriculum and policies.

Washington University students must complete the graduation requirements in effect during the term that they matriculated into their program of study as published in the edition of the Bulletin from that academic year. Undergraduates who initially enroll in a summer term to pursue a special program follow requirements for the subsequent fall term. Students will need to check their school’s processes to potentially change applicable catalog years or alter their degree requirements.

Students should review specific Washington University and individual school policies related to transfer credit, changing programs, leaves of absence, and military service.

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