PhD in Social Work

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The objective of the PhD in Social Work is to prepare scholars for teaching and research careers in social work and related social and behavioral sciences. The program is highly interdisciplinary, and students have the opportunity to learn from faculty at the forefront of advances in practice and policy impact in areas such as social and economic development, gerontology, health disparities, mental health, child and family welfare, violence prevention and intervention, and international social work. Our PhD program combines intensive study with personalized mentoring to prepare the next generation of scholars across the nation and around the world with the skills needed to effect change and advance social justice.

We have a very high completion rate. Most of our graduates go on to academic positions, where they pursue a rigorous research agenda while teaching and providing service and leadership to the school and the profession. Thus, we prepare doctoral students with the advanced quantitative and qualitative methodological training and professional skills needed to conduct research projects, successfully publish findings, present at highly regarded academic conferences, and apply the latest knowledge and instructional strategies in the classroom. The Brown School's collaborative community is strongly committed to providing an exciting and supportive learning environment.

A completed master's degree in social work or a related field is required of all applicants for admission. Post-master’s experience in social work at the micro, mezzo or macro level is highly valued.

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