Master of Social Policy

A student presenting in class

Amplifying the Brown School's ability to make a significant and lasting impact by advancing social and health equity, students have the opportunity to earn a Master of Social Policy (MSP) degree in conjunction with previous or complementary graduate programs in related fields such as social work and public health. In addition, the MSP dual-degree program also attracts students enrolled with select global partners and students who pursue a JD/MSP joint degree with the Brown School and the School of Law.

The Brown School is a leader in translating research to inform policy in St. Louis, the United States, and around the world. The MSP program combines knowledge and skill-building to prepare students for a variety of positions at local, regional, national and international policy levels. An MSP degree provides students with training across statistics, economics, politics, analysis, and management to substantively engage with social issues and to effectively design, manage and evaluate social policy.

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