Challenging the MSPE and Individual Competency-Contributing Assessments

—This policy applies to Gateway Curriculum students.—


In accordance with LCME Element 11.6, all medical students have the right to challenge their educational records with regard to the accuracy of the content. This policy addresses this right for students in the MD program wishing to challenge the accuracy of content within the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), individual competency-contributing assessments, and summary narratives that contribute to competency decisions and the MSPE.


  1. Content of the MSPE: Challenges to the accuracy of the biographical section of the MSPE or the information about research, leadership and extracurricular activities are made directly to the Assistant Dean of Career Counseling. Challenges to the narrative comments and competency determinations included in the MSPE are addressed in section 2 below.

    A student who has substantive concerns regarding the tone and/or accuracy of their MSPE may submit a written request for review to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, with the specific concerns noted. The request must be submitted by September 1 of the academic year of graduation, or seven calendar days from the point at which the MSPE becomes available, whichever comes later. An ad hoc committee will review the draft MSPE with the noted concerns and, if warranted, revise the MSPE. The review committee’s decision and any MSPE revisions will be conveyed in writing to the student. The decision of the review committee is final.
  2. Individual Competency-Contributing Assessments and Summary Narratives that contribute to competency-decisions and the MSPE: Students wishing to dispute a specific assessment, including narrative comments or the summary narrative of the CAC related to a competency decision, may do so using the QualtricsXM form available within Keystone (the LMS) within seven calendar days of formal notification of the assessment outcomes being posted to Keystone. The form will require the student to complete the following details:
  • Assessment being disputed
  • Reason for or description of dispute

Dispute forms will be sent to the Assistant Dean for Assessment, the Office of Medical Student Education (OMSE), and the appropriate party who has final authority to make determinations on changes at the individual narrative, assessment or assessment item level. See the Contesting Individual Assessments Procedure for details of the process. Competency decisions themselves must be formally appealed as documented in the Policy and Procedures for Formal Appeals of Competency Attainment and Promotion Decisions.

Last approved on November 7, 2022

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