Classics is the study of all aspects of the cultures of the ancient Greek and Roman peoples, including their history, languages, literature, thought, and material culture as well as their reception in later cultures. The department also offers courses in the Coptic language of late ancient Egypt and the Sanskrit language of ancient India (under "Classics" in the catalog). The Department of Classics offers two options for students interested in studying Greek and Roman antiquity: the Classics major (or minor) and the Ancient Studies major (or minor). The major in Classics focuses on the study of the Latin and/or ancient Greek languages. The major in Ancient Studies is for students who want to explore the whole spectrum of the classical world with little or no work in the ancient languages. Resources on campus that support the study of classics include a substantial library collection of materials related to the ancient world, collections of Greek papyri and art, and the Wulfing Coin Collection.

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