Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Major, Cognitive Neuroscience Concentration

Program Requirements

  • Total units required:* 29-32 for primary major, 24-26 for secondary major

Several courses required for this major have prerequisite courses, which are not included in the major's total units required. Students will need to plan accordingly to fulfill the necessary prerequisites.

Required Courses

Core Undergraduate Requirements for Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology

All PNP majors, regardless of concentration, complete an entry sequence and core requirements:

a. Entry Sequence

Students choose one of the following two sequences:

PNP Sequence
PNP 200Introduction Cognitive Science3
PNP 201Inquiry in the Cognitive Sciences3-4
or Psych 301 Experimental Psychology
Mind, Brain, Behavior Sequence (MBB) Sequence
FYP 120AAmp: Intro to Study of the Mind-Brain: Psychological, Biological, & Philosophical Perspectives3
FYP 122Ampersand: Pathfinder - A Sense of Place: Discovering the Environment of St. Louis3
or PNP 200 Introduction Cognitive Science
b. Core Philosophy Requirements
Phil 100GLogic and Critical Analysis3
or Phil 102 Introduction to Scientific Reasoning
or Phil 120F Problems in Philosophy
or Phil 125C Great Philosophers
Upper Division Requirements:

Majors must take two courses at the 300 or 400 level:

  • One course must be either PNP 306 Philosophy of Language or PNP 315 Philosophy of Mind.
  • One course must be chosen from the following list:
Music 3221Music Cognition3
Phil 3001Philosophy of Medicine3
Phil 3113Theory of Knowledge3
Phil 339FPhilosophy of the Arts3
Phil 3481Introduction to Metaphysics3
Phil 349CDescartes to Hume3
Phil 361Philosophy of Emotions3
Phil 366Art and the Mind-Brain3
Phil 390Philosophical Writing (upon approval of subject matter, consult PNP office for each semester)3
Phil 403Mathematical Logic 13
Phil 404Mathematical Logic II3
Phil 405Philosophical Logic3
Phil 4051Philosophy of Logic3
Phil 4061Topics in the Philosophy of Language3
Phil 410Theories of Perception3
Phil 4212Philosophy of Neuroscience3
Phil 423Philosophy of Biological Science3
PNP 301Symbolic Logic3
PNP 306Philosophy of Language3
PNP 315Philosophy of Mind3
PNP 316Mind and Morals3
PNP 321Philosophy of Science3
PNP 3581Conceptual Foundations of Modern Science3
PNP 4065Advanced Philosophy of Language3
PNP 4141Advanced Epistemology3
PNP 4142Advanced Metaphysics3
PNP 418Current Controversies in Cognitive Science3
PNP 419Philosophy of Psychology3
PNP 4210Topics in Advanced Philosophy of Science: Scientific Explanation3
PNP 426Theories of Concepts3
PNP 4332Cognition and Computation3
PNP 495PNP Seminar3
PNP 496PNP Seminar3
Phil 322Philosophy of Biology3
c. Core Psychological & Brain Sciences Requirements
Psych 100BIntroduction to Psychology3
Upper Division Requirements:

Majors must take two courses at the 300 or 400 level:

  • Unless the student has completed FYP 120A with a grade of B- or higher, they must take PNP 360 Cognitive Psychology or PNP 408 Psychology of Language
  • One course must be chosen from the following list:
PNP 3151Introduction to Social Psychology3
PNP 3211Developmental Psychology3
PNP 330Sensation and Perception3
PNP 3401Biological Psychology3
PNP 3451Genes, Environment, and Human Behavior3
PNP 3531Psychology of Personality3
PNP 3541Psychopathology and Mental Health3
PNP 360Cognitive Psychology3
PNP 361Psychology of Learning3
PNP 362The Biological Basis of Human Behavior3
PNP 380Human Learning and Memory3
PNP 408Psychology of Language3
PNP 4302Cognitive Psychology Applied to Education3
PNP 495PNP Seminar3
Psych 300Introduction to Psychological Statistics3
Psych 301Experimental Psychology4
Psych 326Introduction to the Psychology of Aging3
Psych 357Introduction to Clinical Psychology3
Psych 358Language Acquisition3
Psych 396Psychological Dynamics of Empathy3
Psych 4182Perception, Thought, and Action3
Psych 4301Contemporary Topics in Cognitive Development3
Psych 4631Introduction to Computational Cognitive Science3
Psych 4651History and Modern Systems of Psychology3

Courses Required for the Cognitive Neuroscience Concentration

Biol 2960Principles of Biology I *3-4
or Psych 3401 Biological Psychology

Permission of the instructor may be required before registering for Psych 3401 Biological Psychology.

Upper Division Requirements:

Students must take the following two courses:

Biol 3411Principles of the Nervous System3
Psych 3604Cognitive Neuroscience3


The capstone is required for honors students and first majors; it is recommended for second majors. It consists of one of the following:

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