Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP) is an interdisciplinary program that provides an opportunity to examine the mind from multiple perspectives. Students who choose to major in PNP will learn to bring some of the newest findings in science to bear on some of the oldest questions in philosophy; they will also see new questions emerge and learn to pursue those questions as well. They will consider questions like the following: Is the mind–brain a single entity, or does having a mind involve something over and above the activity of a brain? What assumptions are made by cognitive psychologists when they divide mental activity into separate processes and use response times or other measures of task performance to describe those processes? What assumptions are made by neuroscientists when they use imaging techniques to determine where in the brain a cognitive process is carried out? What are we to make of Chomsky's claim that language is an innate mental organ designed to generate an infinite number of sentences? PNP majors will seek answers to such questions in courses offered by PNP and PNP's affiliated departments.

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