General Economics Minor

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 22-24

Required Courses

Econ 1011Introduction to Microeconomics3
Econ 1021Introduction to Macroeconomics3
Econ 4011Intermediate Microeconomic Theory3
Econ 4021Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory3
Math 131Calculus I3
Math 132Calculus II3
Econ 493Mathematical Economics1-3
or Math 233 Calculus III
Total Units19-21

Elective Course

Students must complete one (3-unit) Economics elective that has at least Econ 1011 and/or Econ 1021 as a prerequisite.


The prerequisite courses for Econ 4011 are Econ 1011 and Math 132. In addition, Econ 493 or Math 233 must be taken prior to or concurrently with enrollment in Econ 4011. The prerequisite courses for Econ 4021 are Econ 1021 and Econ 4011.

Additional Information

  • All courses in the minor (including Mathematics) must be completed with the letter grade option, and a grade of at least C- must be earned in each.
  • Minors in an approved study abroad program may receive transfer credit for one economics elective at the 300 level. Preapproval from the department's study abroad advisor is required.
  • For further details on policies and procedures, please refer to the Undergraduate Guide and the department's website, or schedule a meeting with the department's Academic Coordinator.

Contact Info

Contact:Dorothy Petersen, Academic Coordinator