The Economics program explores the problems of a modern economy and introduces the methodological tools that economists use. It emphasizes the development of analytical models and their application to important economic, social and political issues, such as inflation, unemployment, taxation, inequality, poverty, pollution, government decision-making and regulation. Our faculty, which is made up of leading teacher-scholars, includes specialists in game theory, microeconomics, macroeconomics, industrial organization, monetary economics, financial economics, and public finance. 

The study of economics contributes to a broad liberal arts education and helps students develop superior problem-solving skills. It is an excellent course of study to pursue, whether students plan to enter the workforce after graduation or are considering graduate work in law, engineering or the social sciences. Economics also provides exceptional preparation for careers in business, either immediately after graduation or after completing master's-level graduate work in business (e.g., MBA, MS Finance). In addition to the introductory and intermediate economic theory courses, courses that have particular relevance for business include Econ 3311, Econ 335, Econ 413, Econ 4151, Econ 451, Econ 452, Econ 467, and Econ 477. Economics students with business interests typically complete at least one internship to obtain practical business experience, and it is possible to obtain academic credit for that internship. Students should discuss with their advisors the possibility of taking courses, such as accounting, in the Olin Business School.

In addition to the Economics major, there are two interdisciplinary majors: Economics & Computer Science and Math & Economics. In each major, students complete the core courses in the respective fields along with a set of electives that are complementary to both fields. Further information is available in the Majors section of this page. As noted previously, students are strongly encouraged to complete at least one internship and to complement their studies with appropriate course work from the Olin Business School.

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