Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Minor

Program Requirements

  • Total units required: 15 units, 9 of which must be at the 300 level or above
  • Courses must be passed with at least a C-
Required Courses
  • A 6-unit introductory sequence:
    PNP 200
    PNP 201
    Introduction Cognitive Science
    and Inquiry in the Cognitive Sciences
    FYP 120A
    FYP 122A
    Amp: Intro to Study of the Mind-Brain: Psychological, Biological, & Philosophical Perspectives
    and Ampersand: Introduction to the Study of the Mind Brain II
  • 3 units of Philosophy:
    PNP 306Philosophy of Language3
    or Phil 306G Philosophy of Language
    PNP 315Philosophy of Mind3
    or Phil 315 Philosophy of Mind
  • 3 units of Neuroscience:
    PNP 3411Principles of the Nervous System3
    or Biol 3411 Principles of the Nervous System
    Psych 3604Cognitive Neuroscience3
  • 3 units of Psychology:
    PNP 360Cognitive Psychology3
    or Psych 360 Cognitive Psychology
    PNP 408Psychology of Language3

Additional Information

Psych 100B is the prerequisite for all psychological & brain science courses at the 300 level and above. Note that no more than 6 units counted toward a minor in PNP may be transferred into Washington University or earned abroad.

Contact Info

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