The Department of Music offers a music program of exceptional quality and diversity. In this varied course of study — where music is approached as a liberal and fine art rather than as an isolated, separate subject — students may pursue practical and creative music-making or study musical traditions and individual works. Music courses are open to all students in the university.

We offer students the opportunity to develop performance skills in voice or instruments through private instruction or through participation in small or large ensembles. Private music lessons with our prominent faculty, including members of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, are available in voice, piano, organ, guitar, and all orchestral and jazz instruments.

Music majors can explore critical issues of tradition, individual composers, compositional craft, aesthetic interpretation, and music's social and cultural significance through a wide range of courses, from introductory classes to highly specialized seminars. Instruction is available in jazz, popular music, world musics, the history and literature of Western music, ethnomusicology, music theory and analysis, musical composition, and electronic music. All performance, creative and academic endeavors in music are supported by a thorough grounding in musicianship and keyboard skills.

Music majors may take advantage of music-focused study abroad programs in Italy, England and France. Summer research projects under faculty direction are also available.

Several options are available for students interested in music: the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music, the Bachelor of Music degree, a minor in music, and a minor in jazz studies. Students may take the AB degree in combination with a major in another field or as their primary major in a broad liberal arts education. Majoring in music can prepare students well for graduate work and for a variety of musical careers and other professions.

Performance Opportunities

Ensembles: The department sponsors numerous performing ensembles that draw members from the university and the surrounding community. Students must audition for admission to the ensembles. All ensembles are available for graded credit, for credit/no credit, or off roster. Ensembles give one or more public performances each semester. Students who are enrolled for credit in one of the department's ensembles may be entitled to a scholarship that covers a portion of the fee for music lessons.

Vocal Ensembles: Concert Choir

Instrumental Ensembles: Jazz Band, Chamber String Ensembles, Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Combos

Lessons: Students may take lessons in voice, piano, organ, guitar, and all orchestral and jazz instruments in the appropriate course sequences. A separate fee is charged for private instruction. Music majors and minors receive a scholarship to cover all or a portion of the fee, respectively. If students enroll for credit in one of the department's ensembles, they are entitled to a scholarship for a portion of the fee for each semester in which they are enrolled. In addition, the department has a limited number of partial scholarships that are based on need and merit.

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