Using elective courses, students can choose to develop additional skills by declaring a focused specialization that can be used in combination with any concentration. Specialization options include:

* All specializations require students to complete one of their five concentration practicum credits (120 hours) on their specialization-related tasks and activities. Students must work with their field adviser and field instructor to ensure relevant content.


Management Specialization (12 credits required)
Required Courses (9 credits)
SWHS 5017Management & Leadership of Organizations3
SWSA 5019Managing People3
SWSA 5030Budgeting and Fiscal Management3
Electives (3 credits) 3
Choose one 3-credit course or three skill labs:
3-credit courses:
SWSA 5033Special Topics: Brown Consulting
SWSA 5052Leadership & Governance
SWSA 5060Social Entrepreneurship
SWSA 5066Marketing, Resource Development & Community Relations
Skill Labs:
SWIP 5041Skill Lab: Grantwriting: Foundation Grants
SWIP 5042Skill Lab: Grantwriting: Government Grants
SWIP 5141Skill Lab: Performance Management and Continuous Quality Improvement
SWIP 5142Skill Lab: Program and Project Management
SWIP 5143Skill Lab: Volunteer Management
SWIP 5144Skill Lab: Fundraising Design and Management
SWIP 5147Effective Meeting Management and Group Facilitation
SWIP 5177Skill Lab: Strategic Planning and Execution
Total Units12


Policy Specialization (12 credits required)
Required Courses (9 credits)
SWSP 5830Policy Design Lab3
SWSP 5842Social Policy Analysis & Evaluation3
SWCD 5018State Level Lobbying3
One of the following is required: 3
SWHS 5079Community Development and American Cities
SWSP 5742Health Administration and Policy
SWSP 5749American Indian Social Welfare Policies and Administrative Practices
SWSP 5771Policy & Services for Children & Youth
SWSP 5780Social Policy & Aging
SWSP 5809Women's Issues in Social Welfare & Social Work
SWSP 5861Domestic Social & Economic Development
SWSP 5862International Social and Economic Development Policy
SWSP 5012Mental Health Policy
Total Units12


Research Specialization (12 credits required)
Required Courses (9 credits)
SCWK 5230Applied Linear Modeling3
SCWK 5003Biostatistics3
SWIP 5151MSW Research Seminar I1
SWIP 5152MSW Research Seminar II2
Elective (3 credits)
SWSP 5842Social Policy Analysis & Evaluation3
or SWSA 5050 Evaluation of Programs and Services
Total Units12

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship Specialization (12 credits required)
Required Courses (9 credits)
SWSA 5030Budgeting and Fiscal Management3
SWSA 5060Social Entrepreneurship3
SWSA 5061Business Planning for New Enterprises-The Hatchery3
Electives (3 credits required) 3
Select one 3-credit course or two 1.5-credit courses:
3-credit courses:
SWSA 5019Managing People
SWSA 5063Social Innovation
SWSA 5066Marketing, Resource Development & Community Relations
B65 MKT 5503Marketing Management
B67 OMM 5704Operations Management
1.5 credit courses:
B60 ACCT 5001Introduction to Financial Accounting
B63 MGT 502Ethical Issues in Managerial Decision Making
B63 MGT 511ALaw and Business Management
B63 MGT 511BLegal Issues at Business Stages
B63 MGT 513NLabor & Employment Laws
B63 MGT 520Taylor Community Consulting Project
B63 MGT 529Management and Corporate Responsibility
B63 MGT 533Effective Managerial Communication
B63 MGT 550QLaw, Business & Governance
B63 MGT 5301Introduction to Management & Strategy
B66 OB 561Negotiation and Conflict Management
B66 OB 562Leadership Competence
B66 OB 565Leading Change
B66 OB 5601Organizational Behavior
Total Units12

System Dynamics

System Dynamics Specialization (9 credits required)
Required Courses (9 credits)
SWCD 5660Designing Sustainable Social Policies & Programs: A System Dynamics Approach3
SWCD 5050Community Based System Dynamics3
SWIP 5501System Dynamics Skill Lab I1
SWIP 5502System Dynamics Skill Lab II1
SWIP 5503System Dynamics Skill Lab III1
Total Units9

Sexual Health and Education

Sexual Health and Education Specialization (9 credits required)
Required Course (3 credits)
SWDP 5152Sex, Society, and Social Work: Issues and Interventions3
Electives (6 credits) 6
Two of the following are required:
SWHS 1022Intimate Partner Violence: Theories, Problems and Issues
SWDP 7502Intervention Approaches for Treating Couples
SWDP 5122Intervention Approaches with Women
SWDP 5153Sexual Health Across the Life Course
SWDP 5154Designing and Implementing Sexual Health Education, Part 1
SWDP 5155Designing and Implementing Sexual Health Education, Part 2
SWDP 5243Social Work Practice with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Populations
SWSP 5784Regulating Sex: Social Work Perspectives
SWSP 5809Women's Issues in Social Welfare & Social Work
Total Units9