MSW Specializations

With the use of elective courses, students can choose to develop additional skills by declaring a focused specialization that can be used in combination with any concentration. Specialization options include the following:

All specializations require students to complete one of their five concentration practicum credits (120 units) on their specialization-related tasks and activities. Students must work with their field advisor and field instructor to ensure relevant content.


Students take SWHS 5089 as their concentration Leadership and Management requirement.
SWSA 5019Leading and Managing Employees, Volunteers & Teams3
SWSA 5030Financial Management3
SWSA 5057Leadership & Management of Human Service Organizations3
Total Units9

Older Adults and Aging Societies

SWHS 2010Contemporary Perspectives on Aging3
SWSP 5780Social Policies, Services & Programs in Aging3
SWDP 9455Interpersonal Work with Older Adults & their Families3
Total Units9


Students take SWSP 5842 Social Policy Analysis & Evaluation as their concentration Evaluation requirement.
SWSP 5830Policy Design Lab3
SWCD 5018State-Level Lobbying3
One additional Policy course3
Total Units9


MPH 5003Biostatistics3
MPH 5230Applied Linear Modeling3
SKILL 5151MSW Research Seminar I1
SKILL 5152MSW Research Seminar II2
Total Units9

Social Entrepreneurship

Students take SWHS 5089 as their concentration Leadership and Management requirement.
SWSA 5030Financial Management3
SWSA 5060Social Entrepreneurship3
One of the following is required:3
SWSA 5061Business Planning for New Enterprises — The Hatchery
or SWSA 5063 Social Innovation
Total Units9

System Dynamics

SWCD 5660Designing Sustainable Social Policies & Programs: A System Dynamics Approach3
SWCD 5050Community-Based System Dynamics3
SKILL 5501System Dynamics Skill Lab I: Designing Responsive Community Based System Dynamics Approaches1
or SKILL 5504 Introduction to System Dynamics for Advancing Equity
SKILL 5502System Dynamics Skill Lab II: Simulation Model Translation & Adaptation1
SKILL 5503System Dynamics Skill Lab III: Developing Interactive Model Interfaces1
Total Units9

Sexual Health and Education

SWDP 5152Sex, Society, and Social Work: Issues and Interventions3
Two of the following are required:6
SWDP 5153Sexual Health Across the Life Course
or SWDP 5154 Designing and Implementing Sexual Health Education: Service Learning
or SWDP 5155 Designing and Implementing Sexual Health Education: Sexual Pleasure, Power & Protection
or SWDP 5156 Media Methods for Disseminating Sexual Health Education
or SWSP 5784 Regulating Sex: Social Work Perspectives
Total Units9