MPH Practicum


MPH students complete one practicum, typically during the summer between their first and second years.

In practicum, students will translate the theories and skills learned in the classroom into real-world practice. Our students emerge with a host of meaningful experiences bringing positive change where it is most needed, and they will have broadened the soft skills that make for strong teammates and leaders. The issues students will engage in — as well as the personal connections they will make — will serve them throughout their careers. With more than 400 diverse community partner organizations, each student will find a practicum site with a mission that aligns with their passion.

At the Brown School, students have the unique opportunity to select their own practicum site. This self-directed process offers tremendous options and flexibility; our students complete practica locally, nationally and globally. Our Office of Field Education wants every student to have the support they need to make a well-informed selection. The Foundations of Field course taught during the student's first semester as well as interactions with field faculty advisors will help students to navigate the entire process. Advisors will help students to determine their field work goals; they will work with students to designate sites and serve as sounding boards for questions that come up during the practicum experience.

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