3-2 MPH Program

The 3-2 MPH program was designed specifically for Washington University undergraduate students, and it allows students to earn both an undergraduate degree and a Master of Public Health in a total of five years.

What is Public Health?

The health-care system is rapidly changing, and there is a growing need for health-care providers, researchers, administrators and policymakers equipped with a systems-based understanding of health determinants and outcomes.

The Brown School's Master of Public Health program offers graduate students social, economic, environmental and cultural perspectives toward health. Students apply evidence-based approaches to create multifaceted solutions in areas such as epidemiology, health policy and management, and health promotion.

Graduates are prepared for leadership across the health-care spectrum. We encourage students to explore the ways some of our alumni are applying their degrees in local, national and global settings.

Students who plan to pursue additional graduate studies after earning their MPH — including doctoral programs in medicine, the sciences, or medical research — will develop a set of skills and experiences that strengthen their curricula vitae and distinguish their applications from those of other candidates.

Continuing an Education at Washington University

The College of Arts & Sciences offers undergraduates incredible preparation for careers in health care. By continuing their education at the Brown School, these students will deepen their access to the university's outstanding resources, which include the following:

Undergraduate Course Work

The 3-2 MPH program is available to students pursuing any major in Washington University's College of Arts & Sciences. We encourage interested students to take courses relevant to preparation for graduate studies in public health. Examples of disciplines related to public health include (but are not limited to) the following:

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